One of our clients’ employees rang to say that their Outlook email system was not working. This problem was solved quite quickly, as we were aware that the machine had not been used for a few months as the user had been working on a customers’ site and was a quick fix. As we finished the employee commented “thanks for that, I can now get back to copying these emails over – its taking forever”. Almost a throwaway remark.

The employee had spent the last few days copying email between one web mail system to the companies own to close out a project and expected to spend the next week doing the same as he transferred each email individually.

Now, we use systems like this every day, and with 5 minutes of our time we had connected the mail system to Outlook and shown the user how to drag and drop the entire folder to the required storage.  Reducing the total time on this exercise enabled the client to have a significant reduction in a wage bill and the member of staff can now get on with more productive tasks.


A client is moving premises but would like to keep their telephone number.  They are moving out of the exchange which will entail a divert cost from BT.

We were involved with the computer side so we proposed a Voice Over IP solution.  The client now has a single phone system over 6 sites across the country, with extensions even in the home offices of remote workers.  They do not pay for calls between any of their staff and they have kept their original telephone number.

As a bonus they can now have phantom offices ring through to their head office, with the screen showing the main number.


A new client with 6 3D CAD (Revit) operators.  They desperately need more operators but cannot find the qualified staff that they need.

Whilst updating and getting their machines on track we also do a quick assessment of the machines.  We have a chat to our contacts at Autodesk and Dell and put a plan together.   The client has been burnt by IT many times before moving to NVCL so they were nervous about committing to expensive, untried and possibly useless upgrades.  We arranged for a machine with the correct configuration for the job they required in order for them for them to try.

The head of the department reports that the new machine is saving between 1 and 2 hours per day.  The 6 computers’ total cost will be £11,000.  This is quite expensive, but with each operator earning roughly £14.00 per hour, even saving 6 hours per day, in just over 4 months the initial outlay was recouped.  Each machine should last at least 3 years, so after initial recoup of the cost, they would have a further 32 months left with an approximate saving over the life of the machine in the region of £80,000+.

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